Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 9 starts, and my first card show in quite a while.

Hello all, and hope that your Saturday is going well.  Was able to attend my first card show in I don't know how long.  It was pretty small, only 14 tables total, but I happened upon one dealer whom I spent most of my time there perusing his boxes of cards.  He noticed me stretching after the first 15-20 minutes of searching and asked me if I wanted a chair!  I gladly accepted and spent another 20-25 minutes searching through his boxes. 

Needless to say I picked up quite a few cards from him today:

Original Jays
First are some 77 Topps Blue Jays...including Bill Singer on the bottom left who threw the first pitch in Blue Jays history, a strike against the Chicago White Sox back in April of 1977.

Some other interesting 77's

Next, we have a few interesting cards that I also picked up.  The top two would fit right in on the airbrushed Fridays column on the Cards on Cards blog.  Randy Jones on the lower left appears to be a hairdresser's dream.  On the lower right, is the revenge of the hideous red uniforms part deux, Ray Fosse of the Indians.

2 cards that didn't quite make the cut

Next we have Jay Johnstone's card, which is slightly miscut.  I figured it needed a good home, and he threw it in the deal, so I figured why not?  Next is another classic Blue Jay card from the 70's, Doug Ault's 1978 Topps card.  Most of you know why I say this didn't make the cut, but if you don't know, check here to see why

Just baseball cards you ask?  Why of course not, there's more...

Guess you could say Joe is my PC King.

Several Joe Sakic's I picked up on the cheap to add to the player collection.

I have always admired Joe, this comes right from his first days in the NHL back in the late 80's.  Joe was drafted by the Quebec Nordiques, who at that time were a pretty poor hockey team (on the ice).  Joe within a year or two became their dominant player and captain.  But what impressed me even more was his ability to learn the French language so quickly.  Quebec city for those of you who don't know is probably 99% French speaking, and very hockey mad to say the least.  For Joe to care enough about the franchise to take on the task of learning the language and conducting interviews completely in French instantly impressed me, and I have been inclined to collect his cards ever since.  I will be adding another tab in the near future at the top of the blog with the Joe Sakic cards I have.

Finally, we have some older Leaf cards to look at:

Vintage Leafs in more ways than one

The scan kind of cut off the top of the Clark and Ullman cards, but rest assured they are in near mint condition.  I was especially excited to find the Ullman card in a $1 box, as it is a 73-74 Topps card, a set in which I have never owned any of the cards.  The blue border is in very good shape as well.  The Curtis Joseph on the lower left was found in a 4/$1 box, and I didn't realize until I got it home that it had the word "SAMPLE" written on the back.  Bottom right is Darryl Sittler, who still holds the NHL record for most points in a single game, with 10.  (6 goals, 4 assists). 

Not bad, for $24, I was able to purchase 1/10th of the '77 Topps set, 35 more Jays to add to my LTP Jays list, 15 Maple Leafs cards and 10 Joe Sakic cards.

Even though the show was small, I was able to have some fun there and put another dent into some of my want list/personal collections.

Thanks for reading, Robert...

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