Thursday, December 12, 2019

Well, if you insist

In the mail today I probably received the biggest package of cards from a TCDB trade yet, and I've received quite a few decent sized ones for sure.

So, I received an offer at the end of November from repeat Canadian trade partner Hugo (TCDB ID:pennytendencies) which took me a little while to get through.  Let me explain.

Hugo asked me for 15 Montreal Canadiens cards of varying types, such as serial #'s, silver signatures, inserts, you get it...

On my side, there were 13 cards that either fit my player collections

and 3 that helped a couple of early 2000's Topps Heritage hockey sets...

I LOVE these two sets, and can't wait to finish them.   Someday

But apparently that wasn't enough, because I guess Hugo had a few extra 2018-19 OPC hockey doubles lying around.

Good ol' Henrik Lundqvist was one of two hundred and six cards that I was able to mark off of my 2018-19 OPC want list.  In one shot, I gain almost 35% of the set. 

If you're familiar with trading on TCDB, you know that 222 cards will take quite a while to scroll down on the screen, and I'm sure it took Hugo quite a while just to click and enter them on the trade proposal.  Above and beyond for sure.

Down to 157 cards for the 18-19 OPC set, 1/2 of which are SPs.  Doable.  But after I finish about 10 other sets that I'm close to finishing.    Priorities you know.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for the trade Hugo, it is very much appreciated!!



  1. I'd love to get my collection on TCDB... but the whole "click and enter" thing is the one thing that's standing in the way ;)

    1. It takes time, I'll admit, but in the end it's been well worth it for me. I've been fortunate to get a lot of inserts/parallels out that I don't want and have added a lot of cards to my set builds quickly.