Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Want list Wednesday: 1982 Topps

So a couple of days ago, I receive a couple of plain white envelopes in the mail.  No big deal right?  We get them all the time.   Funny thing is, I only expected one of them.  The other one came from Colorado.

It was sent August the 14th.

Yes, it took 110 days for a PWE to get from CO to FL.  No damage to the envelope.   It was addressed correctly as well.  The thought is that either the envelope wound up in a big bag that never got completely emptied, or it fell between a dock door and a trailer to the ground and never got picked up.

It happens.

The Carlton Fisk you see here was one of 5 1982 Topps cards in the envelope that I never did try to replace (the 7 '89 Upper Deck cards I eventually did pick up).  So these 5 cards bring down the want list to just 25 cards, as you'll see below...

50 Buddy Bell
191 Tim Wallach RC
300 Reggie Jackson
328 Ed Farmer
341 Andre Dawson AS
355 Dwight Evans
433 Alan Ashby
446 Wayne Garland
475 Alan Trammell
493 Chet Lemon
500 Rod Carew
501 Rod Carew IA
502 Braves Future Stars - Steve Bedrosian / Brett Butler / Larry Owen RC
545 Reggie Smith
553 Dave Winfield AS
582 Luis Pujols
600 Dave Winfield
608 Jerry Royster
624 Fergie Jenkins
651 Carl Yastrzemski IA
750 Jim Rice
755 Joe Morgan IA
766 Twins Future Stars - Lenny Faedo / Kent Hrbek / Tim Laudner RC
770 Rich Gossage
781 Pete Rose IA

Just the Tim Wallach and Braves Future Stars RC's left, along with about a dozen star cards to find.  Probably will not see any of these at next weekend's card show, so I might just wait to the new year to finish this off.  {EDIT:  4 cards already removed via trade offer on TCDB}

Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will see this list and find some (or all) of these and let me know.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I have #'s 50, 341, 355, 446, 600, and 766 if you'd like to make a trade. My TCDB profile is udelljaru.

  2. Lol. I wonder how long it would take someone to walk from Colorado to Florida.

  3. 2077 miles at 3 miles per hour = 692 hours.

    692 hours is just under 29 days. So a little over a month assuming a straight walk.

    Fuji asked, the world had to know. LOL

    1. Thanks Robert for the awesome math! Even if the person walked 8 hours per day, it would still only take around 87 days to deliver the package.