Saturday, June 30, 2018

Serial Saturday #19: The shameless pursuit of serial numbered Larry Fitzgerald cards

I had vowed a few years back to stop collecting football cards.   I had no desire to open packs and with all the baseball and hockey sets I want to put together, there just seemed to be no room.  With all the recent PC additions lately, there came a desire to find a football player to add.  

Then while watching Amazon's All or Nothing program that featured the Cardinals, my fascination for Larry Fitzgerald was reborn.   I had drafted him a few times for Fantasy Football teams early in his career, and was never disappointed with his results. 

So, I decided to hunt for some Fitzgerald card lots on ebay.   They were quite affordable.   Then Wes from the Area 40 blog chipped in and really gave my PC a shot in the arm.

Now I'm hooked.   My latest COMC order had quite a few LFitz cards in there, including a bunch of serial numbered cards that were surprisingly cheap.

Gold parallels, just like the baseball ones we all know.   Green Chrome refractors.  Triple Threads base cards.   All for under a buck apiece.   A very easy way to grow a new collection for sure

I'm sure that someone out there will set me straight, but I don't ever remember 1st Day issue cards from Stadium Club being serial numbered.  So when I saw this one for less than 75 cents, I jumped on it.   Bowman parallels are nothing new so I found one of the cheapest color (Blue #'d to 500) and paid 63 cents for it.  Hard to beat that....

Panini and Playoff cards are plentiful and also reasonably priced, so I grabbed a few of them as well.  The horizontal cards look great and scanned quite well.

The Cardinals logo has long been one of my favorites, and that goes back to the days when they had Jim Hart as their QB.  I already have a few cards that feature the logo, and will probably snap up any of them that I find.  This card is #'d 208/250, and I only had to spend 64 cents to bring this home.

$1.72 was all I paid for this Larry Fitzgerald jersey card, #'d 195/289.  I could have gone on and on with all the serial numbered cards I picked up in this order, but you can only bang that drum for so long before people start shouting at you.

This is likely going be a PC that I will gladly add to at a frequent pace.  I'm looking forward to Larry passing Terrell Owens in receiving yards to move into 2nd place all time (he needs just under 400 yards to do so).  Moving into 2nd place on the all time reception list will be a bit more difficult to accomplish this season, as he needs 91 catches to pass Tony Gonzalez. 

Needless to say I'll be keeping an eye out...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Not sure what I have serial numbered but I'll take a peak and see if I can find any Fitz's for you.

  2. You made a wise choice. I've always admired the way Fitz plays the game. Best of luck on your hunt for serial numbered cards. COMC was the first site I thought of.