Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I spent more on breakfast than I did at the monthly card show

Before you ask, I did not eat at one of those all you can eat buffet places, so rest assured my breakfast didn't cost much.

I was very excited to go to this month's card show, as they have relocated to a new venue, which is a little closer to my house (and closer to the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, which may not be a good thing).

The new hall was quite nice, a lot roomier and cleaner than the previous location.  Most of the vendors are still the same, so that familiarity was still there.

I sat down first at a table that had several boxes of cards (no price marked), mostly newer stuff.  Starting the Larry Fitzgerald PC allowed me to do something I hadn't done at a show in a long time, look through stacks of football cards.

Found half a dozen, not bad.   Fitz wasn't the only PC finds, as I found a card each for Thome and Ichiro in the boxes.

After that, it was all Toronto cards for me.   As I mentioned, a lot of newer stuff in the boxes, so I managed to put dents into several of this years Blue Jays team sets.

Gypsy Queen.  That might just be all of the Jays.  Love the red cap on Osuna.

How soon before we see a hundred billion of these on the market for a penny apiece? 

The Tulowitzki Museum Collection card is from last year's set, but I would have never known because I've never bought a pack, seen a pack or looked for a pack.  The Heritage cards are cool, probably about 1/2 the team set is featured here.

Lots of miscellaneous cards for the Jays as well.  Love the Bringer of Rain moniker card of Donruss from last year. 

Once I was done looking at baseball, I was surprised to see a big chunk of hockey cards in his boxes.  The first row of cards made an immediate liar out of me...

as I had mentioned last week when going over Doug's package that you never see Ice cards down here in the deep south.  Shocked, but pleased that I was able to pick these up.

Love SP Authentic cards, and was happy to add 4 of these to my collection.  Picking up early cards of Marner and Nylander for cheap was a very welcome relief to my wallet.

I've seen a few of these on the blogs, but never really knew much about the UD Full Force cards.  One day I'll have to look into what this set (or sets, I don't know) consist of.  Never the less, 3 more Leafs in the collection.

Happily, when I handed the vendor the stack of cards, all he asked for was $5.  I spent $6.25 on breakfast.

I walked around the show for a while longer, but just wasn't in the mood to pull the trigger on anything else. 

Maybe I'll head up to the West Palm Beach show this week and see if I can hit the $10 plateau...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Fun fact, Pardinho was born in 2001.

  2. $5 well spent!! Those Leafs cards are sharp looking-especially the Ice. Are the Pillar/Stroman Finest from '17 or '18? I don't think I've seen that design before.

  3. Wow, all that for $5? I would have gone back and gotten all the rest of the hockey he had.

  4. That Ichiro Originals is pretty cool!

  5. $6.25 on breakfast is a heck of a deal. I went to McDonalds this morning and bought two meals and it was just under $18. I was kinda blown away.

    P.S. Cool Ichiro.

  6. Well played on the cards and for snagging a good deal on breakfast.