Monday, March 14, 2016

Will we see something unique and low priced in the future?

"One of the card companies should be able to do something better than Triple Play as a low priced option."--Matt

This was a comment on my post from last Tuesday by Matt of Bob Walk the Plank fame.  Matt commented about the Jose Bautista card that was sent to me that was part of the Panini Triple Play release from 2012.

Not that I look a gift card in the mouth (thank you again Tony), but thinking about this card and other low priced sets like Topps Opening Day made me wonder...

Are we ever going to see anything similar to Collectors Choice that Upper Deck released in the mid 90's?

Collectors Choice was a great low priced set that offered something different for collectors young and old.  If I remember, it was just 99 cents a pack and the sets were big and worth putting together.

Panini Triple Play?  A little too cartoonish in my opinion.  Topps Opening Day?  Using the same photos as the flagship and adding a little opening day design just doesn't cut it for me. 

I'm no designer by any stretch of the imagination.  There is no way that I'm going to provide an answer for the question posted in the title.  But I truly believe that there is someone out there that can design a set that isn't that doesn't mimic another set or turn players into something that I used to watch on Saturday mornings. 

The question is, is there anyone out there that would want one?  Besides me of course...

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I would be all for this! I would like Opening Day a lot more if it wasn't the same cards as the flagship. I'll forever be a Collector's Choice fan.

  2. I loved Collector's Choice. I loved Topps Total. I loved some of the 1990's Triple Play sets. Every year I pray for someone with a card company to understand that there are adults with disposable income whose definition of a "hit" is pulling a base card of a favorite player or team.

  3. I would never complain about Topps ever again if they would just bring Total back.

  4. Thirded on the Total idea. That may very well be my favorite product of all time; so many players who otherwise never got much cardboard love.

  5. I'm totally on board with a reasonably priced product -- say, these days, around $1.50 a pack -- with good photography and none of the gimmicks that Topps and Panini both seem to rely on these days to sell cards.

    Supposedly, the set collector is a dying breed. But, is it a dying breed because no one wants to collect sets any more, or is it a dying breed because the card companies have made it impossible to collect a set?

    1. I think it's companies make it impossible.. Especially if you're a completionist. Trying to get base plus the inserts plus the 16 parallels.. And don't forget the parallels of the inserts...

  6. I can only think of a few sets that you can complete without having to spend a wad of cash. I enjoy set collecting, but it is so expensive it takes away from collecting the Pirates I want to add. Flagship, Opening Day and Stadium Club are the only ones off the top of my head that I can think of in which don't have sp's.

    I like the idea of Topps Total too, but I'm sure they would do something to it to make it a huge pain in the ass to complete.

  7. I miss the 90s Triple Play. The 1993 cards were nice.

  8. I've been wondering about this for a while. I bet if they put out a nice looking set with no shortprints, only one parallel (if that), and a few inserts, it would sell just as much if not more than the average product that has too many of the aforementioned. Keep. It. Simple.
    Look at 2009 UD O-Pee-Chee. Simple design, one parallel set, small insert sets. Beautiful in it's simplicity. And not too expensive. Did that really fail so badly?

  9. Hope I won't be shunned by the blogging community... but I've never been a huge fan of Collector's Choice or Triple Play sets. Topps Total was always cool though, because they had a lot of names you don't see in other sets.

  10. I kinda like the Triple Play, thanks to them being bundled in Fairfield boxes, I have a pretty decent amount of them... I like the idea of getting 9 cards to make a full binder page card. Would love to see Total and Collectors Choice come back, if for nothing other than helping the kids.