Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Double digits is fine with me

I just happened to read Night Owl's post about the writing doldrums from yesterday, and it reminded me of part of the reason I don't write as much as I used to.

I just don't have the push to sit down and write longer blog posts like I used to.

I've been off the past 3 days this week, and this is the only post I'm going to write during that time.  My how times have changed.

I actually fired off a few tweets on Monday, including the Jose Bautista bat flip card that I pulled 2x from Opening Day packs I bought at Target.  What I enjoyed the most about the tweet was that I had 4 offers for the flagship Bautista card (even though I already had it) from that single tweet.  It appears that the card community on twitter is just a great as the one I've dealt with for nearly 5 years in the blog world!!

I also tweeted about the blue parallels from Opening Day.   To save characters I should have tweeted this:

Blue Parallel> Gold Parallel #parallelcrazy

I really do like the blue parallels in Opening Day.  I found that they were easier to spot than the golds from flagship.  The Pineda above is heading to The Lost Collector once I round up a few more Yankees cards to send his way. 

I also have the Stephen Strasburg blue parallel if anyone is interested.

I also tweeted about the mascot cards, nothing special really, but I got a re-tweet from Beckett, which was very surprising.  These are available by the way if anyone needs/wants them.

What I've ended up doing with this post is turning a minor post about 2016 Opening Day cards into a post about my lack of blogging over the past several months.

I'm happy with posting 10-15 times during a calendar month now.  I'm not putting pressure on myself to be creative like I used to.  My player PC blog is becoming a very good outlet at churning out posts.  3-4 lines about the card, or the player, or the value of the card is much easier and less time consuming.  With my PCs now approaching 1000 cards total, posting one card a day over there is going to keep me busy for quite a while. 

Maybe one day I'll get back to writing something of reasonable quality on this blog.  But right now, double digits is fine with me every month. 

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Hi Robert,
    I would be interested in the 2 mascots and the Strasburg blue if you still have them.

  2. Writing 300-400 word posts 3-4 times a week is starting to sound real good to me. Only thing is, I don't know if I'm a 300-400 word person.

  3. I've been fighting the lack of motivation myself.. Though to be honest, I haven't been at this nearly as long as a lot of people..

    I think getting myself back to a better state of mind will help with the creativity..

  4. Bautista's Opening Day card features his iconic bat flip? Reason #2 to bust open a few packs of Opening Day. Reason #1 are the cool mascot cards.

  5. Nice mascots. The Bautista bat-flip card reminds me of the first time I saw a player do that I thought it was a sign that he was pissed off at something, but apparently they do it as a celebration of sorts. Oh and I agree with Fuji about #1 reason for Opening Day the Mascots. Some people hate these furry creatures of the diamond but I happen to like them. I need to get a bunch more been a while since I have gotten some.

  6. It can be tough. I tend to write pretty lengthy posts, with a few smaller one sprinkled in. Though my blog is more focused on the project than general hobby stuff. Writing shorter posts would be easier, and in theory would mean either less time or ability to post more (or both). But I struggle with whether or not that's what I want to do.

    I love that Bautista. I am starting up a thing where I try to get every (reasonable) parallel from each year of Topps. I wanted to pick that one, but it was just going for too much - I can't be dropping 80 bucks on the clear parallel!