Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Just can't keep my trade partners straight

Last night when posting about the Blue Jays I received from Jon at the A Penny Sleeve for your thoughts blog, I mistakenly identified him as John from the Johnny's Trading Spot blog.  I guess this is what happens when you have multiple trade partners at one time, something that has been a rarity for this blogger for quite a while.  I honestly couldn't tell you when the last time I sent out 9 envelopes in a month.

No matter, these two envelopes were both great in their own ways, and John's had a nice selection of cards for my player PCs.

After removing the dupes, I was left with 4 Sakic's to add to the collection.

The card that elicited a chuckle from me is the 93-94 Parkhurst East West stars card in the upper left corner.  I laughed because I had recently bought the card on COMC.com, but fortunately I hadn't had the card shipped to me as of yet, so I promptly put it back up on the site for sale.  I was surprised that I didn't have the 92-93 bloodlines card of Joe and his brother Brian in the binder.  No worries there anymore...

Another card in the pile that I couldn't believe I didn't own was the '94 Collectors Choice silver signature that you see in the upper left corner of this scan.  The '96 Score photo on the upper right is another good one, it features Thome sitting around the batting cage on a bucket. 

My favorite of the whole envelope was right on top.  The Christie Brinkley collection card of Thome on the top right features him with a pair of boxing gloves, which I didn't get at first until I read the back.

Now I'm sure that Pinnacle has a valid point when they say that Thome's great slugging percentage helps pack a punch to that awesome Tribe lineup.   But don't you guys think that the gloves should represent the fact that Christie is a knockout?

Maybe it's just me...

Thank you for the cards John, they are greatly appreciated!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Hmmm I had something to witty to say until I got to the picture at the bottom of the post.... Now I've completely lost my train of thought.

  2. I started writing the people I'm sending things out to on a piece of paper on top of their pile until I have the money to send things out.

    I ended up sending I think 8 packages out today..

  3. glad you needed some of them. and yes, that very last picture does take a minute to look away, and yep forgot what I was thinking too.