Monday, March 7, 2016

I now have more than I need

I hit the monthly card show on Saturday this time.  Backwards for me because I usually hit the show Friday night after work because the location is on my way home.  I decided to take my wife and our friends out Friday night for dinner instead. 

I also ran through the show on Saturday backwards as well.  I usually hit my vintage dealer first, grab the cards I want from him and take the rest of my money and look elsewhere.

This time, I hit the vintage dealer last.  I guess backwards worked for me, because for the first time since I started hitting this show a few months ago, he had '59 Topps commons, for a buck!

He always has stacks and stacks of cards for the '59 set, but they are usually $2 and up.   This time I figured would be no different than any other, so I started perusing the pile looking for maybe 10 cards for the '59 set.

So I start looking through the pile and find a couple of $1 commons and say to myself "score!".  Keep on looking, keep on finding dollar commons.   They're all in nice shape, no pen marks, nice condition all around for '59s.

In the end, I found 22 cards that were a buck apiece.   Best haul yet.  So much so, that I had no problem grabbing 6 of the rookie subset cards that I love so much.

Now I'm up to $35 worth of cards in my hands, so I figured I would grab one more semi star card, make the total around $40 or so, which I could certainly live with.

So I grab Mr. Kluszewski here for $6 and bring the pile over to him.   As always, he gives me a discount.   Instead of hearing $40 like I thought I would, he quoted $35!  Teddy K. wound up coming home basically for free, which you can't beat for anything.

The best part is, these 29 cards for the '59 Topps set means I'm a little more than halfway complete.  Yes, that's right, I now have 289 cards and only need 283 more.  I now have more than I need you could say.

I started the journey with this post back on September 26, 2014, and now just over 18 months later I'm halfway done.

With a boat load of star cards still to obtain, the other half of the set is going to probably take a little more than 18 months to complete.

Stay tuned....

thanks for reading, Robert




  2. Where is the show there that you attend?

    1. It's in a hotel on Powerline Rd. in Fort Lauderdale.

      Got your envelope today btw, thank you! It traveled a few more miles than usual...

  3. Over half the '59 set in 18 months is a heck of an accomplishment. Kudos to you for the effort.

  4. Just awesome!

    Also, Dutch Dotterer is a great baseball name....especially for a catcher.

  5. Nice haul! Buck-a-shot commons were my favorite way to knock out my '59 set!