Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why can't more jersey cards be this cheap?

My player PCs for the most part contain base cards, parallels and some serial #'d cards.  I really haven't spent a lot of my collecting time or budget chasing jersey or autograph cards of the guys I collect.

I happened to be searching through COMC a few weeks back for some cards for my PCs, and while searching through the Joe Sakic cards, I happened upon a couple of jersey cards from the 2014-15 Upper Deck release really cheap.

For $2.50, I landed this jersey card from series 1...

Plain white swatch, yes, but for this cheap, it was an easy add to my collection.

Now this next jersey card came from series 2 from last year, and cost me just 8 cents more than the first one...

Upper Deck certifies this jersey swatch as being used in an official Team Canada game.   The picture of the jersey on the front is what makes the card for me.  I am a big fan of the design of these particular Team Canada jerseys; I'd actually love to have one for myself to wear someday.

These two cards cost me $5.08, which for me wasn't heartbreaking at all.  Yes, they both are plain white swatches, but I honestly didn't care, because I was able to add two nice pieces to my Joe Sakic PC on the cheap.  Which in the end for this semi-budget conscious collector is the most important thing.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. COMC is usually where I get my jersey cards too. A couple times a year I'll complete a bulk order to take advantage of low shipping costs. Nice additions!

  2. Amazing deal. I would have paid that any day.

  3. Nice COMC pickups. Loved watching Sakic play. He's one of my favorite non-Sharks.