Sunday, January 10, 2016

By the page--Jose Bautista

Finally dug out the monster box of Blue Jays cards, which means it's time to start getting the cards into pages and putting them away.   The only thing that's missing from this page is the bat flip....

Top row:  Parallels

Wish I had a '13 Heritage Bautista Chrome parallel to finish the row.  The Wal Mart parallel kind of pales in comparison to the Chrome cards, but the blue glove adds a bit more color to the top row.

Middle row:  A&G with a bit of Turkey (red)

3 cards, 3 photos featuring Joey Bats with his bat.  I guess hitting all those HRs will do that to your reputation.

Bottom row:  Some more chrome with a Panini

I thought about putting the Finest card in the top row with the Heritage cards, but in the end I thought the Bowman Chrome card should have a mate on the bottom.

Looking at the page, the one card that I notice right away is the Finest in the lower left corner.  Showing off Bautista's leg kick is something that isn't seen too often on cards, so I think this is cool. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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