Sunday, January 24, 2016

'59 Topps set build #20/572 Faye Throneberry

Older brother of Marv Throneberry who I featured in the last post in this series a couple of months ago.  I do believe that this picture was taken at Griffiths stadium in Washington (I'm sure that someone will correct me if I'm wrong here).  Let's see how Marvelous Marv's big brother fared, shall we?

Card #534:  Faye Throneberry

The front of the card is in fine shape, no pen marks at all.  A bit off center, but it's still good enough for my set. 

Faye spent two years in the Army (53 and 54) and served in Korea.

The back is something else.  The cartoon is great, depicting Faye and his brother Marv.  The centering is off, and it appears that the border is on an angle.  Interesting...

How'd he fare in 1959? The '59 season for Faye was solid, setting multiple career highs in games played (117), hits (82), HRs (10) and RBI's (42).  His .251 average in '59 was also a personal best.
  • During one four game stretch from May 22-26, he went 10 for 18 (.556) with a double, triple, homer and 6 RBI's.  
  • Hit a grand slam in a 7-6 loss to the KC Athletics on July 27th.  Ned Garver was the "victim". 
Faye's career ended after the '61 season as a member of the Los Angeles Angels.   He would go on to become a dog trainer, winning a national award for training the top bird dog in 1973.

Faye passed away in 1999 at the age of 67.

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