Saturday, January 16, 2016

Quanity plus a bit of quality with last week's budget

I spent just over $32 last week on my collection, which netted me a grand total of 53 cards. 

First, my quest to finish the '64 Topps set came a trio of cards closer to completion with these three high number cards...

The cards ate exactly half of the $32 I spent, but they are in pretty good shape.   They also bring the want list down to 45 cards, still a little bit better than 1 per week until the end of the year.  This week's purchase on eBay will knock that number down even further.

The other two purchases were 25 card lots of Jim Thome and Joe Sakic from the Sportlots site.  I haven't received the Thome cards as of yet, but the Sakic cards arrived on Thursday.  I was quite impressed with how the cards were packed by the seller (ID: criswest in case you were wondering).  You never know what you'll get from some sellers, but in this case, I was so impressed that I resolved to not only use him again, but to give him a mention on the blog.

I decided to show off just 3 of the cards that I picked up for Sakic because I've decided to start showing off the cards from my Sakic, Thome and Lawrie PCs one at a time on another blog (yeah I know).

The funniest thing in the envelope was something I hadn't seen in over 20 years.  Some sellers use old common cards as packing, but criswest used these as filler.

Fellow hockey card collectors who bought any of the initial 90-91 Pro Set packs will remember these.  10c discount cards for NHL licensed merchandise.  I threw a lot of these away over the years, but seeing them again actually gave me quite a chuckle.   Definitely a smart idea from an experienced seller.

Even after 4+ years of the blog, I'm still trying to be budget conscious.  Being 1 or 2 bucks over one week just means that I'll try to stay that much below the next week.  What I was most happy about for last week's purchases is that I didn't blow the whole budget on just one piece of the collection.   Gaining cards for both the 64 Topps set and my PCs keeps everything fresh.  This is something that I'd like to continue going forward.

We'll see how that goes...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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