Saturday, January 23, 2016

El Cheapo

I looked at a lot of cards on a couple of websites during the week, but in the end, I wound up only spending just under $12 to have 6 cards shipped to me.  But when those cards knock off 6 more numbers from my '64T want list, it's not so bad.

These 6 leave just 39 cards to finish the set.  The shipping cost for these was 3 bucks, so really I paid just under 9 dollars to get these here, which for the high numbered cards is great. 

With the unused funds from last week available to add to this week's budget, I might be able to grab one of the more expensive cards that I need, or I may just grab a few more of the cheap ones.  We'll just have to see what deals I can find on the web.

Either way, the numbers are getting smaller for this set, which is definitely a good thing.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. That's a good deal on the High Numbers, dug out some HN '71s last week only to be greeted by the BOOK where they all instantly became $16 cards and went right back in thier dusty box.

  2. Y'know, every time I saw a headline about Mexican drug kingpin 'El Chapo', my brain read it as 'El Cheapo'. I wondered if it was just me.

    Nice pickups! I like the Julian Javier card particularly.