Friday, December 20, 2013

Another envelope of cardboard goodness

This post will get me caught up on all but one of the envelopes I've received lately.   This latest brown marvel came from none other than Greg of the Night Owl blog, and as always he doesn't disappoint. 

Knowing the love for anything blue that I possess, let's start with some Blue Jays.

The top row you could say is made up of 3 D's, Devon, the Duck and the Dog...OK maybe the younger Schofield wasn't known as "duck" like his father was.   That Schofield card is only the 2nd card of him in a Jays uniform that I remember having.  I may have to start a secondary Blue Jays collection one day, featuring Blue Jays wearing the red Canada Day uniforms.  The Josh Thole update card fits in nicely.

Two-Morrows!!  I've always wanted to make that joke.....

Moving on.

Bautista's on the left and Edwin's on the right

I kind of got a kick out of this scan....3 cards featuring 2 players, both of them having 1 and a half cards apiece.  If Encarnacion keeps hitting HRs the way he has the past 2 seasons (78 total) the $29 million over the next 3 years the Jays are paying him may be the biggest bargain in baseball.  Get a healthy Jose Bautista ahead of him in the order, and my trip to PNC park at the beginning of May to see these guys might be a fun one. 

How about a half a dozen Jim Thome's to add to my burgeoning collection of the slugger.

A great mix of base cards, I especially like the Topps Gallery card in the top center.   That particular set was something I enjoyed finishing up early on in my blog writing, and the Thome card was something I was surprised I didn't have, but am glad I now do.  The Bowman's Best in the lower left is a thicker card, and I like how it scanned with the background turning blue.  There were a couple of Dodger cards in the envelope, which I hope Greg didn't have too much trouble parting with.  You see the first one above, the 2nd one is below.

This Clayton Kershaw was a great surprise to find in the envelope, as Greg is a big Kershaw collector.  Even though the serial #, 1034, is one that I already have, I believe that I'm going to replace it with this card, for two reasons.  First, the card is from Greg (his blog is the reason I started blogging myself...), and 2nd the card I currently have in spot 1034 is from a mystery donation.  This donation from the Night Owl will be the 17th card (and 8th Dodger) that Greg has contributed to the SNI project.

As always Greg, thank you for the cards, they are very much appreciated!!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Great, I have the song from Annie in my head now.

    You're welcome, I didn't know I've contributed that many to the project!

  2. I love the alternate red jersey that Thole is sporting.
    Two-morrows? LOL Nice one.