Saturday, February 4, 2017

Last call, because I'm going shopping today

I've got a few slots open for anyone out there who didn't hit my 100 words posts the other two times I mentioned them last month.

I have 13 people in so far that I can see.  Some of you I need addresses for, because we've never traded or haven't traded in a long time so I'd like to confirm.  Send addresses/confirmations to rmitchell6700 @ yahoo dot com please.

Crazie Joe
Daniel Wilson
RAZ (need your info please)
Card Hobbyist (need your info please)
Starting Nine
Night Owl
Royals and Randoms
Dime Boxes
Mike Matson (need your info please)
Hockey Kazi (need your info please)
Greg A.

I'd like to get 7 more "volunteers" to receive cards from me.  That will get the list to 20, which means 5 cards apiece off of your want list.   Free.  Gratis.  Costs you nada.  If I don't get 7 more, well I'll think of something.   Leave a comment on this post.

One card rule:

Although this post was just information, I'll stick to my one card rule for each post.  I found this last week while rummaging through one of my many boxes of Jays cards, and thought it quite interesting.

Someone out there has to enlighten me on these.  Chef Boyardee cards?  Never would have thought that they released anything that came in a cardboard package.  (further thought, pizza mixes maybe?)

None the less, this is a great odd ball card of one of my favorite Blue Jays players of all time, George Bell.

Even the back is full of information.  4 years of stats, 4 bullet points of career highlights, full bio.  Well done Chef!!

OK now, 7 more bloggers that want cards.   Let's go!  Someone out there must want free stuff...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Sign me up! Sorry so late to the party.

  2. Free stuff? I'm in Robert. I was in a bit of a blog-related malaise when you posted the original requests. But I'm back in the game!

  3. I would like to be added to the list as well.

    1. Sounds good Jon, have you on the list now. Thanks!

  4. Replies
    1. Hello Rob, thank you for coming along! Will need your address info please. Send to rmitchell6700 at yahoo dot com (if you haven't already).

      I also enjoy the Statis Pro blog of yours. Played that game a lot in the 80's with my buddies.

    2. Thanks - just sent it your way!

  5. I would take part, but I'm not sure I can limit myself to 100 words. I once wrote a message board reply that when copied into Word took up 11 pages, seriously. (I have it saved, I should update it and post it)

    1. Billy, you're in. 100 words is easy.

      I think.

      Need your address info please. Send to rmitchell6700 @ yahoo dot com.

  6. If I'm not too late...Count me in! I missed the original posts, and not sure what all is entailed in this...but I'm a fast learner :)

    1. You're in Oscar! Just to make sure I have an up to date address, can you send the info to rmitchell6700 @ yahoo dot com please.


  7. On the off chance I am not too late, sign me up.