Thursday, January 21, 2016

By the page: Carlos Delgado

I have wondered a few times how Carlos Delgado's career would have turned out if he had stayed a catcher instead of the move to his permanent position at first base.  I'm sure that many Blue Jays fans are happy with the way things turned out for Delgado.  Not having the every day grind of being behind the dish allowed Delgado's bat to shine, and a great career ensued with the Jays, Marlins and Mets.

Delgado is one of the players who seems to have dozens of cards in my Jays monster box, so I decided to dig 9 of them out for your viewing pleasure.

Top row:  Bat over shoulder

Love the look of the early career Top Prospect card from Upper Deck in the center.  Can't say that I ever remember Carlos being that thin.  I also managed to find a couple of cards that feature the rare red hat.

Middle row:  Fielding 

I thought these were three great shots of Delgado showing off his glove at first base.  I put the horizontal card in the center not only because it's horizontal, but it's a great photo of him reaching for a grounder.  Ultra and Stadium club usually feature some great photos, and these 3 are no different.

Bottom row:  Hitting

Some more great photos here, especially the outer cards that both feature the baseball in the shot.  I almost put this row in the center, but I thought that the fielding cards looked much better. 

I think this might be one of the best pages that I've put together.  I really like the look of the photos, and the sets that are featured on the page are some of the best that have been produced over the years.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Such a wide variety of sets. I like the Ultra card the best!

  2. It is a crime that Delgado was "one and done" on the HOF ballot. I always liked him, and I seem to have stacks of his cards in my trade box. I still pick him up when I find him on the cheap. I regret not taking the drive down the road to see him play at the end of his career with the Pawtucket Red Sox. Would have been really odd if he made it up to the big club and played a year with Boston.