Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A gentle push

Last night I went through some of the cards that Kerry from the Cards on Cards blog sent me as part of our trade.  Since I did the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown, these 12 cards didn't make it to the post.  But they're certainly post worthy...

The Price and Revere cards up top will be the only flagship cards featuring them in Blue Jays uniforms.  I hoped that the Jays might pull off a minor miracle and sign Price, but reality struck because I knew that the lefty would command top dollar, which the Jays weren't willing to pay with an already bloated payroll.  The Ryan Tepera card just proved that I didn't watch enough Jays baseball during the season, as I don't remember him at all.

The hitters in this scan are big pieces of next year's Jays team, while the pitchers will not be part of the Jays squad in 2016.   LaTroy Hawkins has retired, while Lowe has signed a free agent deal with the Tigers. 

Love the horizontal cards that came in the envelope.   Great action shot of Ezequiel Cabrera making a diving catch.  The old time rookie cards featuring players from multiple teams was always cool, and the Garcia/Copeland card is no exception for me.  The Heart of the Order card reminds me of the combo cards from '59 Topps such as this one...

Yes, the 2015 card is a little more action oriented, but you get the idea.  Anyhow, what was great about getting the '15 Update cards is the simple fact that I didn't have Jays from the set.   I hadn't even bought a pack. 

But now with these cards in hand, I made the effort to update the 2015 Topps Blue Jays want list to include both series 2 and the remaining cards I need to finish off update.   The sparkle and sabermetric variations included (ugh).  Gentle push needed, and received.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I will never track down sparkle variations but don't blame you for doing so.

    Hats off to a great career for LaTroy