Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Any excuse for a post

Yes, that's right, I'll do anything to generate another post.  I spent a portion of Tuesday evening working on the Blue Jay piles on my desk, trying to get some cards onto the spreadsheet and off of the want list.

As I was going through the box of cards I received from Kevin at The Card Papoy blog, I noticed that I was creeping towards a "milestone" of sorts. 

The Blue Jays spreadsheet that I maintain has 4 tabs.  One for cards from 77-89, one for 90-99, one for 00-09, and one for 2010-now.

The 77-89 tab has been the slowest to grow over the past few months, but finally on Tuesday I hit the 1000 card mark for that time period.  What monumental card brought me to 1000 you ask?

Yes, I know it's not one of the elite Toronto players from that decade.  It's still #1000, and with the number of cards that are still available from that time period starting to dwindle, I've got to celebrate sometime, right?

Hey, it could have been worse.   I could have put NSFW in the title and made you want to look...

thank you for the cards Kevin, there's another post to come for the box you sent me!!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. If you put NSFW, you would have had to accompany this photo with Musselman's lifetime statistics. And nobody wants to see that.

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  3. This will probably help me remember Jeff Musselman now...

  4. Glad to hear the cards made it across the Atlantic ok !