Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dime box cards not from Nick

Anyone who is well acquainted with the card collecting blog world is well aware of the legendary Dime Boxes blog run by Nick.  Nick does a fantastic job of taking his treasure trove of finds and turning them into blogging gold.

But this time, I received cards from a dime box that weren't sent to me from the Midwest.

Another great trading partner, Max from the Starting Nine sent me an envelope last week that contained a dozen cards that found their way into his hands from a dime box excursion over Thanksgiving.

Needless to say, I have to show them off here...

How about we start with a sextet of outfielders.

Even though Dave Winfield only played 26 games in the outfield during the 1992 season in Toronto, I'll always think of him as an outfielder.  You could probably say that these 6 guys may be the best ever to play the outfield in a Jays uniform (you'll hear some arguments that Moseby and Devon White could be part of that 6...).   I got a kick out of the Shannon Stewart card on the bottom.  It's 3D, and instead of the player changing "positions", the background is actually what changes, going from a ball to a bat.  Can't say for sure if I've ever seen that, but for me it was still a pretty cool effect.

Let's move on to the infield, shall we?

Let's start on the mound, with two of the better pitchers the Jays have developed in their history, Key and Hentgen.  The third pitcher is someone I'd never heard of before today, Adam Meinershagen.  The 1994 Bowman card that features him was one of 7 cards that featured his likeness, and there were none after '94.  Meinershagen never made it past AA ball, and was out of the Jays system by age 23.

I like the effect that the scanner gave the Brett Lawrie refractor; the bluish tinge really showed well.  I remember buying some Fleer Game Time packs back in the day, but can't say whether I ever pulled any Blue Jays back then, so the Carlos Delgado card is a welcome addition.

Max knows my love of hockey and anything Maple Leaf, and this envelope didn't disappoint.   Check out the airbrushed greatness of Paul Harrison...

Topps got creative with this 78-79 card, as Harrison had been traded to the Leafs in the summer of '78 by the Minnesota North Stars for a 4th rd draft pick.  Harrison never did wear #35 for the Leafs, he switched to the #30 and kept that for the 2 seasons in the blue and white.  Even the mask that is in this photo was not worn by Harrison in Toronto, he switched to a completely different design after the trade.  Still a pretty cool card and one I'm glad to have in my collection.

A fabulous dozen cards Max, thank you for sending them my way!!  Much appreciated...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Always good to see the dime box goodies spread around the blogosphere.

  2. If you do a Google Image search for 'Paul Harrison North Stars' it will come up with the pre-airbrushed picture that Topps used on that card