Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Almost counts when you're building team sets

Or having them sent your way out of the blue.  I got in front of the computer this evening, and the first thing I did was dive into the box of goodies sent my way by Pat from the Hot Corner Cards blog.

Not only did Pat take a land mine to my Series 1 and '13 Heritage want lists, he sent me all but one of the Blue Jays from the 2013 Opening Day set.  Even the mascot made its way here...

Not sure how I got the black line on the scan, but the cards are cool, even if they are copies of the Series 1 base set.  The only card missing from the team set is #61 Drew Hutchison. 

While I won't take any of your time by showing you the other 73 cards he sent from my over sized 2013 want lists, I will show you a shiny refractor that came my way...

EE becomes another portion of the serial insanity set, as his #451 was needed.

Now the old saying goes that almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  I would say that this package, while almost completing various sets, definitely counted in my book.

Thank you Pat!!  As always a great package.....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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