Thursday, January 3, 2013

The best of 2012 pt. 2 A&G Packs

Just to tease you all a little, I had to do some eBay research on the last card of this post to see what the "values" were.  It's actually the 2nd time in the last 6 months I've pulled a very limited card from A&G (the Gwynn auto being the other).

Here we go!!

Pack 6:

The Swin Cash card in the upper left is an SP, # 339.  The Willingham mini is a regular back, #138 if you're chasing the minis.

Pack 7:

See those 3 at the top?  In about 4 packs, you will see them again.  The Pedroia is a regular back mini as well, #10.  The What's in a Name insert is Joey Votto.  The MetLife building is featured in the World's tallest buildings insert.

Pack 8:

I thought that Clemente and McCutchen in the same pack was a pretty nice touch.   The Moustakas is a SP, # 318.  The mini is of Mary Magdalene. 

Pack 9:

Another World's Tallest Buildings insert (World Trade Center).  Orlando Cepeda for the What's in a Name insert.  The mini is of Jose Reyes, regular back #142.  Glad to have you in Toronto, Jose.  I hope you stay a long, long time.

Pack 10: 

The Russell Martin is an SP, #310.  The Mark Reynolds mini is a regular back, #271.  The Bobby Knight would have cost me points in Gint-A-Cuffs. 

I know it's probably too late to suggest this to Topps now, but if the Code Breakers theme is done again this year, the only cards that should be part of the Code Breakers set should be those of Michael Morse.

(give it a minute, it will come to you....)

Pack 11:  The piece de resistance

I told you the top 3 would be back!  The Headley is a SP, # 348.  Got the standard 3 SPs out of the 6 packs, so that's good.   But here's the mini:

How about this for irony.  I openly bashed myself a few months back for trying to put this set and the GQ set together, and immediately stopped any effort to complete this set.  Now, my top 2 pulls since I started blogging are both from this years A&G.  Just goes to show that I really don't know what I'm doing  I did see one other red back Phil Pfister up on eBay..a buy it now for $42.99. 

The SPs, and the minis, all up for trade.  The Pfister is probably going to get me going on eBay again.

All in all, the $20 box turned out OK.  At least I think so....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Nice yank from a repack. I keep telling people - don't laugh at a repack. You get a ton of your pack ripping jones taken care of, and there are plenty of good hits just begging to be found.

  2. Bah. You're going to make me go to Walmart now.

    I hate Walmart.

  3. I pulled one of those A&G hand-numbered backs once. But that was a long, long time ago.

    Nice find, Robert!

  4. Very cool. I scored a Mikey Lombardozzi 01/25 red back from a blaster. Solidified my return to collecting in September. Haven't pulled a decent A&G since.

  5. I bought one of those repacks and got a bunch of hot garbage. Oh well. Did the red back hand numbered minis replace the Bazooka minis of years past?

    1. Kerry, the Bazooka backs were replaced by the A&G red backs in 2012.

  6. I bought one too and actually posted about it. Didn't have any hand numbered minis in mine.