Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One benefit of the NHL lockout...?

The lockout saved me $171.80.  I was all ready and willing to buy the center ice package this year, so I could follow the misfortunes of my Maple Leafs for all 82 games.  4 payments of $42.95 would have gone right into the NHL's coffers. 

Funny how things change 4 months later.  I now have no desire to even bother spending a nickel on NHL televised games this year.  I think I'll spend that $171.80 on cards instead.  Everyone out there I'm sure would rather see me talk about cards such as this:

or this:

I love these black parallels from '08 UD Heroes

So, similar to the November project in which I took $100 and spent in on eBay items, starting January 19th, I'm going to take $171.80 and spend it on cards that will further my collecting goals.  This time I'm not going to restrict my purchases to eBay.  I'll use Sportlots, I may even purchase cards off of other collectors (Josh D., 1976 Topps cards? for example...).  Even card show purchases will count towards the $171.80. 

The Center Ice project, coming to an insanity filled blog near you. 

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Awesome, great idea!

    I have an Apple TV and am waiting for them to update what it might cost to watch the games to be played this "season."

    Looking forward to seeing what your $171.80 gets you in cardboard!