Monday, January 28, 2013

3 in a row from the same set. how does he do that?

I am a believer.  The man has mystical powers.  He hits multiple want lists with relative ease.  He even sends packs of cards when they aren't even expected.

Yes, I'm talking about Mr. 500K himself, the Night Owl

Since I'm tired and totally unwilling to do a lengthy synopsis of the multitude of great cards in the envelope Greg sent (that was long..wasn't it?), let's do a 5-4-3-2-1 countdown.

Let's start with 5 Blue Jays from the 80's

In case you really cared, Barry Bonnell is exactly 14 years older than I am.  So, the way I feel right now, that would make him about 106.

Next, we have 4 Junior Felix cards...

Yes, Junior is his real first name.  It seemed like every other Jay in the package was Felix, so why not showcase him?

Not to be outdone, 3 serial insanity cards were in the envelope

OK...3 in a row from the same set.  All 2006 Topps cards.   Serial #'d 1333,1334,1335.  Really?  Come on blogosphere, let's see you top that trick...

2 '77 Topps cards are up next....

50 left to go for the set, and Reggie Jackson is on his way to me.  The end is nigh...

Finally, we have a Mitchell who's a SP...

Russ Mitchell (no relation) leaves me with 31 SPs left to go to finish the '11 Heritage set. 

I haven't even mentioned the '73s yet....that's another time.   Thank you Greg...I'll be hunting for Dodgers this weekend at the show.

I'm going to bed now....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. A show? Lucky you.

    I noticed the consecutive numbering, too.

  2. i am seeing a hobby box of heritage 2011 on sale, should i grab a box?

    i just started collecting heritage in 2012, and finished the set with short prints (1-500) - and enjoyed it...