Thursday, September 8, 2011

Random thoughts for a Thursday

Just a few thoughts that have crept into my head over the past few days that I thought I would share with the blogosphere:

  • Football season starts tonight, and for the first time in many years, I can really take it or leave it.  I believe that all the drama with the lockout and the subsequent media frenzy for 5 months really sucked the passion I had for the game out of me.  Oh well at least...
  • NHL training camps open over the next few days...Hallelujah!!  I will say that I am ready for hockey to start this year.  I even bought a few packs of Victory hockey while I was away last weekend. (A brand that I normally do not partake in)  Here's hoping that my beloved Maple Leafs at least make a better run at the playoffs this in starting their run to the playoffs a little earlier than March.
  • I heard recently that Vin Scully is coming back for his 63rd season of Dodger baseball.  Vin may be the one of the few things that is right with the Dodger organization currently.  Listening to many games that he has called over the years is a joy that could never be duplicated by any other broadcaster.  Never heard him call a game?  Do yourself a favor and find a way to do will not regret it.
  • I've watched sporting events for approximately 40 years out of my life.  Teams travel back and forth across the US, and sometimes even across the world.  It is truly amazing that we have never experienced more tragedies like yesterdays plane crash in Russia that killed almost all that were on board.  One of those on board was longtime NHL defenseman and current coach of the Lokomotiv team, Brad McCrimmon.  I can only imagine what the families of the team personnel are going through right now, God bless them in their time of loss and suffering.
  • I've enjoyed putting in some music on these posts, so I decided to keep that going today.  Here's a link to a song that I've enjoyed for a long time, it always reminds me of what music does for me....Triumph--Magic Power

Thanks for reading, Robert

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