Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Packs Across America: Webster, NY

Good day all, hope that your Wednesday finds you well.  This is the 2nd in a series of posts on packs that I have purchased from different towns/cities across the country.  As you may know, I was away for the long Labor day weekend in upstate NY, and while the women were out shopping, I decided to hit the Target store to buy a few packs:

City/State:  Webster, NY (suburb of Rochester)
Store:         Target
Purchase:    2 packs of Topps Heritage BB and 4 packs of UD Victory Hockey

Pack 1:

9. Juan Uribe
67. Zach Duke
114. Kyle Drabek
178. A. J. Pierzynski
188. Freddy Sanchez
271. Jeremy Jeffress
296. Ian Desmond
357. Brett Anderson
371. Victor Martinez

Pack 2:

58. NL Victory leaders
70. Justin Morneau
124. Brian Duensing
178. A. J. Pierzynski
186. Rick Ankiel
228. Marlon Byrd
263. Rangers Danger
319. Tim Lincecum
336. John Lackey

It's funny, I opened these two packs on Saturday really quickly, and just flipped through the cards and thought to myself "well, the bad luck continues".  Just before I started this post and was ready to declare them a total bust, I  took a closer look at the cards and realized one of them in Pack 1, the A.J. Pierzynski card, had a reddish tint in the background. Hadn't seen one of those before, so I do some research and find out there are blue and green tints as well.  Thus, the scramble begins as this idiot runs through all the Heritage he has bought to see if there are any other tinted cards.  Lo and behold, I do find a blue tint....Ryan Franklin of the Cards. 

I need to start looking a little closer when I bust packs

So, for educational value alone, the packs get a grade of "B"

Now, on to the Victory, which for those of you who don't collect hockey, this is UD's version of Topps Opening Day.  A 99 cent pack that contains no relics/autos, but just something fun to get the hockey season started.  I pulled a couple of rookies, and a couple of MVP parallels, which are seeded 1:2 packs.  Nothing fancy here, just a fun rip to get the hockey season started (training camp starts next Monday the 12th).  Grade of  "C".

All in all, my luck was OK up in western NY, hopefully as I obtain cards from around the country my luck will be better.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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