Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The case of the mysterious disappearing want list (or, the revenge of the hideous red uniform)

Good evening all, hope that your Tuesday treated you better than a baby treats a diaper.  I came home today to a mailbox jammed full of bubble envelopes, a great way to end the day!!  All kinds of great goodness to be found in these envelopes....diamond parallels, tons of Blue Jay cards...a fantastic auto card, some Allen & Ginter needs and.....

the biggest envelope of them all came from the Night Owl !!  This envelope came cram jammed with a ton of cards off of my 2006 Topps want list, and one card that I truly felt was in need of a scan and post (see below).  Now, I will not bore you all with scans of a ton of Topps cards from 06..you've seen them all before, yada yada yada.  However, I will mention that Greg put the first bullet into my set completion list.  Topps series 2 from 06 is complete!!  Also, series one went from 139 cards down to 26...and to think I sent him 4 cards...maybe 5??  Needless to say I'll be looking at his want lists for quite some time.   Thank you very much Greg, your generosity is greatly appreciated here!

Now, on to a little fun.  As you may or may not have read in my previous postings, I have decided to collect the first set that I can ever remember collecting (baseball wise), 1977 Topps.  Night Owl is also putting together that set, and he sent me a card that he was able to spare..and I had a great laugh when I looked at it.  It is card #168 Charlie Spikes of the Cleveland Indians....any old guys out there remember the road uniforms in the late 70s in Cleveland (warning, do not adjust your set, this is the actual color)

All I gotta say is.....wow!

Need I say more??  Needless to say the envelopes I received today will keep me posting for the remainder of the week (and sorting as well).  Thanks again to the Night Owl for a GREAT trade (OK yes, lopsided might be a more appropriate word in this case).

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Love that Spikes card (altho I have to say I'm more biased toward his '75 Topps card).

    Glad to complete a set for you! Woo-hoo!