Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week 2: Sunday, blaster box of A&G provides more good pulls.

Hello all, it is Sunday of week 2 and my wife and I wound up going out to Wal Mart this morning.  Naturally, aisle 21 was where I was headed when we had found all the necessities we needed for this trip.  Like I mentioned before, I am going to shy away from football this year, so A&G was the way to go.  Usually, the store is picked pretty clean by the weekend, however I arrived there today and had a choice of 10 different blaster boxes of A&G.  So, I asked my wife to pick a number between 1 and 10..she chose lucky #7, and I will say it was a pretty good choice.  Here are some of the pulls:

A black bordered Ryan Braun mini, and 2 Allen & Ginter back minis as well (Todd Helton and Jered Weaver).

I also pulled a code breaker card of Jordan Zimmerman (#152), and a Hometown Heroes card of a Blue Jay (my team), Brandon Morrow.  Finally, this was the big pull for me...

Auto of Andres Torres from the SF Giants.   I will say I've had pretty good luck with the blaster  boxes so far, I've hit for 2 relics and 2 autos total, along with 3 black bordered minis and 7 A&G back minis as well.  If anyone out there is looking to trade for any of these cards, just drop me a line at rmitchell6700ATyahooDOTcom.


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