Thursday, August 23, 2018

Swing and a foul tip?

OK, so last Sunday night I find out at 10PM that there's the 8% ebay bucks promotion going on, and it ends in a few hours.   So I jump on the site and start looking for card lots to try and help me along with the 80's Topps set quests that I'm working on.   I see a 100 card 1981 Topps lot for $10 + $4 shipping, which I didn't think was too bad, so I jumped on it.

The listing didn't show any of the card #'s, so I figured I'd take a shot since I needed over 400+ cards to finish the set.   My thought process also was that any dupes that I may get I'd just add to my TCDB trade list in the hopes that I can swing them for some other cards that I need.

Well, out of the 100 card lot, I'm about to show you the cards that I needed for my set.

Yep, that's right, just 32 of them were crossed off the want list.  I was a bit bummed out at first, but I'm hoping when I put the other 68 of them into my Trading Card Database trade list that someone will need some of them and offer up a trade.  So I'll call this purchase a full swing and a foul tip just because more than 2/3 of the lot wasn't needed, but in the end might do me some good.

The seller also did a good job with the shipment; the cards fit in a 100 count box and the extra room was filled with a solid piece of foam which did the trick nicely. 

I've got a couple of more auctions on the way (Single card auctions), and a couple more trades/purchases from outside ebay as well. 

It's been a busy week indeed...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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