Sunday, August 31, 2014

By the page: 1983 Fleer

1983 Fleer for me epitomizes the phrase "less is more".  Simple design on the front, no frills.   The back has complete career stats, a bio and a "Did you know" section with tidbits on each player's career.

Top row:  Corner infielders

Did you know?  Neither Iorg or Mulliniks started their careers as 3rd basemen.  Iorg was a 2nd baseman, Mulliniks was drafted as a shortstop.
Did you know?  Willie Upshaw was a cousin of NFL players Marvin and Gene Upshaw.

Middle row:  the pitchers

Did you know?  that Joey McLaughlin was acquired by Toronto as part of the deal that sent Chris Chambliss to the Braves.
Did you know?  that Jim Clancy was credited with a win because the Baltimore Orioles deliberately walked off the field during a game in September of 1977.
Did you know?  that Roy Lee Jackson once sang the national anthem before a game (this was depicted on his '84 Fleer card)

Bottom row:   left, right, left

Did you know?  that Lloyd Moseby got his nickname "shaker" for his ability to elude defenders on the basketball court.
Did you know?  that Wayne Nordhagen was traded 3 times in 10 days during the '82 season, leaving the Jays and returning 10 days later.
Did you know?  that Ernie Whitt had 3 of the 10 HRs the Blue Jays hit against the Orioles in September of '87.

Did you know that I had to rescan the full page a 2nd time because I accidentally transposed the McLaughlin and Jackson cards?

Of course not, but you would have caught it if I hadn't...

193 cards out of the box.  Progress is being made, slowly but surely.

thanks for reading (if you still are), Robert


  1. '83 Fleer is one of my favorites from that era. Decent mix of pics, team logos on the front. The Cal Jr card and the Gwynn are nice.

  2. Simply one of my favourtie sets!