Thursday, July 18, 2019

You just never know what you'll run across on a card

Finishing off the run of card show posts (finally) is a nice group of '78 Topps cards.  42 in total. 

Enjoy the scans...

Things I noticed on these cards.  The mustard and brown of the Padres that everyone loves (well most everyone).  A guy with the last name of Zdeb (is the Z silent, or is it Z-Deb?).  Airbrushed goodness featuring Cardenal and Eastwick.  Probably Medich (the T is kind of huge) and John Hale were also victims of the artists pen, were there any Mariners photos of the actual hat?

But after looking at the fronts of all these cards, and enjoying the blast from the past, I found the back of Larry Haney's card, and was quite intrigued.

Love that Topps added the "homer in 1st big league game" line

Not only does it have the "Play Ball" rules on the back, which I don't think I've ever seen before, but the stats between 1970 and 1973 caught my eye.  Seems a bit cruel to have those stats over a 4 year period, doesn't it?

I had to look at his baseball reference page.   Larry spent most of those 4 seasons in the minors.  Started in Buffalo/Winnipeg (cold to colder), then all of 1971 in Iowa.  1972's MiLb stint was in Hawaii (finally warmer), and then '73 was in Tucson, AZ.  He certainly paid his dues over those 4 years, as he never played a minor league game after 1973.  11 major league games over 4 years, 9 ABs, 1 hit.  I don't know if I could have handled that run...

He was also purchased, not traded, purchased, by teams 5 times between 1972-1976.  You really don't hear about players being bought anymore.  Oakland bought him twice.

That my friends, is perseverance. 

'78 Topps likely will not be finished this year, as I'm just under 60% done.  Probably finish this one in 2020. 

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  1. The NYY had some nice action shots in the 78T set. A lot of them are similar... but they're nice.

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