Saturday, June 24, 2017

Try a Pack #3: 2017 Topps Archives

I actually bought this pack a couple of weeks ago, but just hadn't got around to posting about it.  Until now.  Opening this pack reminded me of why I never collected this set.

It just didn't impress me. 

At least I can add Josh Donaldson to my Jays collection.  We did this set 8 years ago I believe for Heritage.  At least some people did, I only bought a few packs from that set back in the day.

A card of the MLBPA director?  Not sure why that's there.  I like the '82 design, it's one of the many sets I have want lists up on the blog for.  Good to see a different photo of Pops on a card.

I was beginning to think that '92 was the design for all players retired until I saw the deGrom card.  Not a bad group of players on here though, a pair of 3000 hit guys and the once single season home run champ.  Bob Lemon spent his entire career as an Indian, and it would be interesting to think of what kind of win total he would have had if he didn't serve in the military for 3 years before his career started.  The most amazing stat for me is Lemon completed 20 or more games in a season 7 times, including 28 of them in 1952.  Rubber arm indeed.

I pulled two inserts, both representing the state of Texas.  The 58 Bazooka of Nolan Ryan is a cool looking card, and I'm sure that there's someone out there that can use it.  Alex Bregman wears #2 for the Astros.  I took a quick look to see the history of the #2 in Houston, and was very surprised to see that Nellie Fox wore it in 1964-65, then it wasn't worn again until 1987!  That's a long time for a team not to use a number.

This pack was a reminder of why I don't colelct Archives.  Yes, it's a great way to revisit past sets, but for me Heritage does that job much better.  

Sometimes you just need to buy a pack to remind you of the reason you don't collect something.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Heritage does it for me too. I haven't bought a pack of archives this year yet, but I'll sample it sometime I'm sure.

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    1. Hello, I certainly am interested, drop me an email at robert.mitchell27 @ to discuss.

  3. I actually like that they gave a card to the director guy. I think the commissioner has a card too. In all sports there's more than just the players that make it happen and they never get any recognition. So it's nice to see that finally some are.

  4. I would be interested in the Bob Lemon card if you are willing to part with it. I am trying to put together the Indians team set from Archives.

    1. Hello, please send me an email with your address to robert.mitchell27 @ so I can send the card your way. thanks,

  5. I've done enough research into uniform numbers to know that there had to be a story behind #2 with the Astros. Plain and simple, it was a coach's number most of those years. Nellie Fox kept the number when he retired and became a coach. Salty Parker had it, then Leo Durocher for his one year as the team's manager, then back to coaches: Roger Craig, Mel Wright and Cot Deal. It appears that nobody had the number in 1986, then Gerald Young was the first Astros player since Nellie Fox to wear #2.

    This is all according to Wikipedia, BTW, so the appropriate grain of salt must be taken.