Monday, October 24, 2016

Kicking it up a notch

I mentioned on the Serial Saturday post that I've been doing a bit of cleanup on the blog.  I am slowly migrating my hockey want lists onto this blog after finally deciding to get all my want lists in one place, rather than have them scattered.

One of those want lists will be a new one.  The '71-'72 OPC set has long been a dream of mine to acquire, and I now have 36 of the 264 cards needed, thanks to a recent ebay purchase which included this card.

I managed to pick up Yvan Cournoyer's all-star team card for about $3, not a bad price as the all-star cards can get a bit pricey.  Still a long way to go as far as completing the set, but if I'm patient and can find a nice sized lot or 2 on ebay at a good price, I could possibly knock down some of the want list quickly.

Another set that I purchased a good portion of a while back from Dave at the Wax Stain Rookie blog was the start of a 76-77 OPC hockey set, the first one I collected as a lad of 9 years.  I grabbed one of the cards I needed for the set as another portion of my recent ebay additions.

Oh, the numbers that Ken Dryden could have amassed during his career had he not retired at the age of 31.  In 9 years, he won the Stanley Cup 6 times, led the NHL in GAA and wins 4 times each, and the Vezina trophy as part of the team that allowed the fewest goals 5 times.  My rough count shows I need 64 more cards to finish out this set, so one of my short term goals is to get this want list on the blog so I can start pecking away.

Now, as far as kicking it up a notch, I picked up these 3 '64 Topps cards as the main part of the ebay purchase.  I've decided to finally get serious and look to knock out this set sooner rather than later.  I've already went ahead and picked up about half of my current want list, which I hope will arrive by the end of the week.  I cannot wait to get the set finished and show it off to the blogosphere.  Maybe it will give a bit of inspiration to a couple of others that are currently working on the set.

Stay tuned, I'm trying to end the last couple months of 2016 with a bit of a bang...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. The Cournoyer is great. So 70's!

  2. Chico! Haha...yeah I know Habs Habs Habs. But seriously...those are some really cool cards. Good luck with these sets!