Saturday, November 22, 2014

I make it so easy to laugh at myself

You've read it over and over here on my blog.  My inability to keep organized is legendary in my own mind.  Today's little story that I'm about to recount is another example of disorganization at its best. 

If you look here, you'll see how this post starts.  My initial foray into the world was a success, helping me finish two hockey sets. 

The 2008/09 OPC hockey set was one of the sets that was completed.   And, as I am wont to do, I go through the entire set one more time, making sure that I have all the cards present and accounted for.

I always start from the end of the set, and about 50 cards in, I am missing two numbers (back to back no less).   Panic mode sets in, and I hit the trading card database website to see the names that I'm missing.   I see them and I know for a fact that I've picked up the cards not too long ago.

I start looking through the piles on my desk, and find the 2 cards, plus 4 others that weren't put into the box previously.   Now, all 600 cards are present and accounted for. 

Here's the best part....while searching through that particular pile on my desk, I find a top loader containing two cards.  The first is this...

A great autographed card of David Broll to add to my Maple Leafs collection.  The 2nd card in the envelope, however, was a little more significant as far as the baseball end of this blog is concerned.

Serial numbered 366, and still on the want list.  (shaking my head right now)  LoMo is the 42nd Marlin towards the set.  Sadly, I have no idea who sent this to me (aside from the fact that they are a generous person). 

At least I know where this next card came from:

Paul Maholm came from a pack of '14 Topps Update I opened last week.  Serial number 540 has now been removed from the list, and the Dodgers have hit the 40 card mark.  The total number of cards towards the set now stands at 1265, just 235 to go. 

I'm hoping that the person who was kind enough to send me the Broll auto/LoMo SNI card will let me know that they did, so I can give them proper credit on the spreadsheet.  Please!

I'm such an idiot...

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I can't remember sending the Morrison, but I'm certain that I sent you the Broll auto. If it came in the same envelope, I'm guessing I sent that one as well.

    1. They were in the same top loader, and I thought it may have been you, but I wasn't 100% certain. Thanks again for the cards!!