Monday, November 17, 2014

What's a good word for how I feel about today's events?




A big trade and a big free agent signing made headlines today, and while I normally don't discuss things such as these on the blog, the two names that switched uniforms today are definitely worth a look.

Help me out here Braves fans.  I've watched Jason Heyward play a few times over the past couple of seasons, and I can see it.   There's a presence, maybe even an aura when he's on the field.  He's only 24, and has 5 seasons under his belt.

Did the Braves run out of patience?  I know the adage that there's no such thing as having too much pitching, but acquire it at the expense of trading Heyward?  My gut on this one is that the Braves are going to regret this trade in a couple of years.

I really like Russell Martin.  He made the Pirates staff much better than any of the other catchers that have taken the field over the past couple of seasons for the Buccos.  But there are a lot of numbers against the Blue Jays giving him the kind of money/term that they did today.

First.   Martin missed 50 games this year.  Hamstring problems cost him a month.  He's not, nor will he be a player that appears in 140+ games for the Jays.  The artificial turf in Toronto will not be forgiving on his legs.  The best all around catcher that I've seen over the past 20 years, Ivan Rodriguez, saw his numbers decline as he passed the age of 35.  Martin turns 32 during spring training this year, and my gut tells me that his contract is going to be an albatross for the Jays after the 2017 season.   (I hope that I'm wrong, believe me...)

Second, his average over his two seasons as Yankee was .224.   His best seasons have come while playing in the National League, and 2014's numbers were definitely a career season for him.  The AL and NL are two different worlds, and some players can't handle one league like they can the other.  Please don't say that Martin couldn't handle the pressure of being in New York, because I'm sure that Los Angeles is just as intense, and he did fine there.

Best of all, the AAV of Martin's contract is more than the Jays are paying Jose Bautista.  Let's see how long that lasts.

Yes, these are my opinions, and I know what everyone says about opinions. 

In a couple of years down the road, everyone can look back and laugh at me and say how wrong I was.   I'm used to it.....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I think you are going to love Russell Martin. Even if he does lose some some of his offense, he will still be able to make those young starters realize their potential. Offense is the last thing a catcher should ever worry about. I wish my team knew that.

  2. Heyward was probably moved for financial reasons. He's due to be a free agent after the 2015 season and instead of having to overpay for his services, the Braves got themselves a front-of-the rotation starter in Shelby Miller and one of the best pitching prospects the Cardinals organization had (which is quite something given their depth) Tyrell Jenkins, both of whom are cheaper and will be under team control for a few more years. Plus this gives the Cardinals time to give Piscotty and Grichuk more time to prepare for the right field job in 2016 when Heyward will probably leave St. Louis. Personally I feel like neither the Braves or Cardinals can lose that trade.

  3. I think it is a good move for both teams. Miller is a flawed pitcher, but still has a ton of potential. Jenkins is a wildcard that is coming back from injury, but was a top prospect. The Cardinals only get a year of Heyward, but I'm sure their intentions were to try and sign him long term. If it doesn't work out they can give him a qualifying offer and get a pick for him.

    I'm glad the Cubs didn't get Martin as I didn't want to see him a thousand times a year. The reports are that only the Blue Jays offered 5 years. Don't be shocked when you see a lot of your pitchers have career years next year. The guy worked magic with the Pirates. It was a high price to pay, but you will love the way he plays.

  4. I agree with your concerns over Martin and am glad the Cubs didnt pay that much for him.. He might be a good leader and on-base guy but not worth what he's being paid....

  5. ZZ covered the Heyward thing nicely, though I would add that I think Heyward was kind of weighed down by the expectations of playing for his hometown Braves and needed a new start somewhere. Plus with the death of Oscar Tavaras, the Cardinals had a hole to fill in the outfield desperately.

    Russell Martin is one of those ball players who doesn't quite get easily summed up by his numbers. He's not a great player but he is a great teammate and a very capable receiver. Plus, as the rare Canadian playing for the Jays, he will have a built in love from the fans. Yes, it is probably one year too long, but I think you're gonna love Martin in the long run.