Monday, November 24, 2014

Flight 1269 departing to Tampa Bay

Believe me, right now I wish I was on a plane headed for the south.  I don't know if I'm ready for another winter, and the climate in Florida right now is something I'm sure that I could get used to.

I guess for now I'll have to settle with getting warm via the generosity of others, specifically Jeff who heads the club PWE at the fantastic 2x3 heroes blog.  The PWE I received today had 4 cards in it, but they certainly packed a punch.  Knocking 4 cards off the SNI want list at this point is great, and knocking another team off the want list is even better!!

Let's start with the 2 cards that didn't knock any teams off the want list:

First up is Tom Wilhelmsen, a player that was featured recently on the Night Owl blog (Night Owl  wondered where 2009 was on Tom's stats, I guess Topps doesn't recognize the Golden Baseball League, which is where Tom played that season).    Tom's card is serial #'d 1076, and brings the Mariners to 36 cards out of the 50 needed.  Denard Span on the right brings the Nats to 48 out of 50, and is serial #'d 1474.

Now, speaking of Tampa Bay....

A pair of left handed pitchers brings the Tampa Bay Rays portion of the SNI set to a close.  Drew Smyly up top is serial #'d 839, and Matt Moore down below bears the number 336.   The Rays are now the 5th complete team for the set, with 3 others being either one or two cards away (Jays, A's and Nationals).

There are also quite a few teams still down in the mid 30's; teams such as Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Baltimore, Seattle and Minnesota all still need anywhere from 14 to 16 cards to finish their portion of the set.

All totaled, 1269 cards out of the 1500 needed are in house.   231 to go. 

Jeff, thank you for the PWE!!  I really do appreciate it (I have some '64s for you that I'll try and get in the mail this week).

Thanks for reading, Robert

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