Saturday, November 15, 2014

By the page: Raul Mondesi

I worked a bit today to try and get some more pages together, because I have about 150 cards on my desk that need to fit into the Jays box very soon.  The box is becoming packed very quickly, and I have to act soon to find more room.  I found it interesting that even though Raul Mondesi only spent a couple of years with the Jays that I was able to put together not just one, but two pages worth of cards for him. 

Top row:  Bat on shoulder

Although a lot of Jays fans weren't happy with the team messing with the original logo, I rather liked this version.  Both the updated Blue Jay in the leaf, along with the 'T' logo were a solid update to the classic logo.  I don't have a whole lot of the original 2001 Heritage release, but the Mondesi card makes me wish I did.

Middle row:  Thumbs up to MVP

When I saw the 2000 Bowman card of Mondesi holding his thumb up for the camera, I knew right away that this card had to be the centerpiece for this page.  While I've been a fan of the MVP releases over the years, I have to say that the 2002 version on the left is a little loud for my taste.

Bottom row:  The swing

That long follow through, it's what I remember most about Mondesi.  What makes me sad about the limited time that he had in Toronto is that he was traded to the Yankees for a pitcher that appeared just 3 times in the majors.  That was in 2002, and surprisingly Mondesi became a part time player after that, rounding out his career just 3 years later.

There are going to be plenty of pages for guys such as Delgado, Halladay and Clemens.  But what interests me just as much is finding enough cards to complete pages for players such as Mondesi, Reed Johnson and Frank Catalanotto.  The players who weren't household names for a long time in Toronto still have a soft spot for this Jays fan, as do the superstars that will eventually be the bigger focus for the "by the page" series.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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