Friday, November 7, 2014

100 down & 100 left

You know you're a regular at a card show when a dealer says to you "Robert, you're never here on Fridays, this isn't a bad thing is it?"  I assured him that the reason I was there today is that the wife and I are planning a day trip tomorrow, and I likely wouldn't be able to make it in the customary Saturday afternoon time frame. 

I did fairly well for myself today at the show.   I picked up a couple of Blue Jay relics, including this Jose Bautista from '14 Archives.

Love how it mimics the '68 Topps set.  This was an easy pick up for $5.

I managed to snare some vintage as well.   As the title of this post suggests 2 of the sets that I added cards for have the #100 in common.

The '64 Topps set is now down to 100 cards left to complete.   The single solitary card I grabbed today was this one...

A very nice copy of a Dick Allen RC!  I remembered seeing a blog, or posts on a blog about Dick Allen and whether he should be in the Hall of Fame.  I did a quick search and found this post today, and also found out that his home town is just 10 miles to the south of where I live!  Wampum, PA is a very small town, so for Dick Allen to make it out of there and have as good a career as he did earned him a little more admiration from me.  (I voted yes by the way, and those who voted that they never heard of Dick should be

Now, the 100 down part of the title refers to these beauties...

Yes indeed, the '59 Topps set is already better than 100 cards in, 105 as a matter of fact.  Six of the cards that I picked up today were high numbers, including a very reasonably priced Warren Spahn!

Neither the Spahn or the Allen were the highest priced cards out of the purchases today.   The card that was the most expensive?   Well, I've decided to try and get through the winter blahs by doing a give away based on the monthly card show. 

Tomorrow at noon, you'll see a post that will show off the card (a hint, it's a mid 50's card of a HOFer).  I'll also detail what you need to do to earn entries.

Not going to be around for the next few days?  No problem.   Leave a comment on tonight's post, and you'll earn an entry into the contest.   For those who will be around, you can also leave a comment tonight and consider it an early bird special.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Early bird special? Sounds good to me! You regular card show people have got me jealous, but thanks for the contest!

  2. GIMME YOUR '64s!

    Oh - and this is a sad excuse for an early bird entry.

  3. Nice finds! Allen's RC is the last one I need to have his complete run of Topps cards. He also wore "Wampum" on the back of his jersey during his final season with the A's to honor his hometown.

  4. I wish I had enough shows to go to that I could be considered "a regular".