Monday, September 8, 2014

A couple of updates to the want list

I took some time this past Saturday morning to update the want list.  Both the '64 and '73 Topps want lists now have the players name listed along with the card number. 

Sitting down and performing this task actually gave me an idea of what I still need to finish the two sets.  Both want lists contain some pretty high profile players, and even though the want lists are shrinking, the time that it will likely take to finish off these sets may be longer than I want.

I did manage to subtract a few cards off of each list at the monthly mall card show (thank goodness it's back!).

Even though there's a couple of creases, this Bob Boone RC is now in my possession, and the want list for the '73 set is down to 24 cards, with the Mike Schmidt RC still being the biggest hole in that set.

I was able to pick up the Lou Brock above for just $12, along with 9 other cards for the '64 set.  The want list is now down to 103 cards left, and there's quite a few big names on the list.  There's also quite a few of the pricier "high numbers" still to pick up, so completing this set may take some time. 

I've finally put up a want list to get this year's Series 2 out of the way.  Seeing the ball on the ground in this photo tells me that Ross is probably going to be safe.   Great shot.

I need about 100 cards to finish the set; I don't think that this will take as long as the '64 will (at least I hope it doesn't). 

Now it's time to get the Blue Jays list up to speed...

thanks for reading, Robert

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