Saturday, August 2, 2014

What's next? Quarterfinals: (2) 1960 Topps vs (7) 1963 Topps

Two very colorful sets take the stage this week as 60T takes on 63T.  I believe this will be another close match, similar to last week's great quarterfinal opener.  So, what do you think I should build next? 

How they got here:

1960 defeated 1979  16-4
1963 defeated 1972  12-10

How big a head start do I have on these sets?

1960 Topps:  Minimal  12 out of 587
1963 Topps:  Minimal  10 out of 576

Favorite card that I own from each set so far:

1960:  # 86 Dick Gernert (the old Cub logos are still the best)
1963:  # 1 National League Batting Leaders (any card with Robinson, Musial and Aaron on it is OK in my book)

I believe that I know what set will win this week, but I've been wrong before, so let's see if the blogosphere can prove me wrong again.   I look forward to reading the comments explaining why one of these sets is better than the other.

thanks for reading, and voting, Robert


  1. 1963, no contest. You'd have to introduce 1995 Fleer into the competition to get me to vote for 1960 Topps.

    1. ...but now that I look at the two images side-by-side, it's interesting that they both share some basic similarities... color portrait, B&W "action" pose with colored background, colorful bottom quarter... and yet I really like one and really hate the other. Funny how that works.

  2. 1963. I like both, but prefer the backs of the '63s.

  3. As much as I like logos on the front of cards, I still have to go with the 1983 precursor. 1963 it is.

  4. Still wounded over 1965 losing so early.

    '63 is iconic, but I'm not a fan of the look (so much nicer in '83). I'm picking '60, but I know it will lose.

  5. I'm with Night Owl, still can't believe '65 got voted out. I'll go with '63 in this matchup. Probably my favorite set of the 1960s outside of '65.

  6. I'm a big fan of '63, but I am an even bigger fan of '60. Let's see if it can pull off the upset.

  7. I guess I'm in the minority, but I really like the '60 set.

  8. I'm probably letting nostalgia get the better of me but my vote goes to the 1960 Topps set. I still remember having my folks buy me cello packs of the '60 Topps at Korvettes and Newberrys. I would cover my floor with them, make up lineups and have imaginary games with them.

    They were the first set I remember actually trying to collect. I'm also a fan of the gold colored backs, the managers cards and the season highlights on the back.

  9. I used to sort of like 1963, but not really. While it definitely helped my opinion of 59 and 62, I think Topps Heritage actually lowered my opinion of the 63 set. To me the only thing good about the 1960 set is the very first Rookie All Star team. In this matchup, I think that is just enough. My vote goes to 1960.

  10. This is a tough choice. After the 1967 and 1965 set, for me these 2 sets are pretty much tied for 3rd place among the sets of the 1960s.

    The 1960 set has the old-time team logos going for it, but the alternate-the-color-of-every-other-letter-in-the-name is a little annoying, and I don't like horizontal cards.

    The '63 set has larger, and usually sharper photos than the 1960 set. Plus, the '63 set has the Pete Rose rookie card.

    I'm voting for 1963. (It was close though.)

  11. Pretty much a toss up, but I think I'll go 63.

  12. I'm going with the 1960 set.

  13. 1963 for the same reasons as the last time I voted for it -- as the 1983 precursor, it makes me nostalgic for when I was buying tons of cards in packs.

  14. Voting for the '63 personally.. never liked sideways pictures all that much, but they do have some merit now and then.. not so much on the older cards where you didnt get many action shots... Might have been a good idea to also include photos of the rear...

  15. Can't say for sure why, but the '63 set has never really struck a cord with me. My vote goes to 1960.

  16. My vote is for the 1963 set. I like the 1960 set, but not how the player names are presented on the card.

  17. I have to go with the 63 set. I dont really care for the multicolored names in the 60 set, they take away from the look of the card. If the names had been one color I would have picked the 60 set.