Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Now we're getting serious

The National became the place for me to attack the SNI want list.  I didn't want to pick up as many cards as I did for the SNI project.  But once I got started, I seemed to become a man on a mission. 

I wound up grabbing 89 cards, which led to 19 more complete pages.  In the past I've used a post to show off a complete page, but with this large amount of new pages to display, I decided to do them 5 at a time.  (19 complete page posts would be a killer in more ways than one).

The Didi Gregorius card in the top left completed this page.  My favorite card on this page is the GQ Dale Murphy in the bottom center, which displays a great follow through on that powerful swing of his.

 Serial #'s 307-315

I needed both the Thole and the Stewart to complete the page below.  6 of the 9 cards in this page come from fellow bloggers, including a couple of retired bloggers (Ted at Crinkly Wrappers and Kyle at Juuust a bit outside).  Josh Thole in the red Blue Jays uniform is easily the favorite card for me on this page.

 Serial #'s 451-459

The Michael Cuddyer, top center, finished off this page.  He was part of the last table Orioles/Rockies binge that pulled those teams out of the hole.  The Noesi green Topps Finest parallel is probably my favorite card on this page.  You can't really tell from the scan, but the green parallels are really sharp and are much nicer in hand.

Serial #'s 109-117

I needed both the Jason Bay (top right) and Koji Uehara (bottom right) cards to finish this page.  The Minnesota Twins team card with the Kirby Puckett Pl sign may go down as one of my favorite cards in the set (thanks again to Ted for that one...).

Serial #'s 325-333
I grabbed a player from the past to complete the final page of this post.   The Johnny Mize in the center right was the final card needed here.   A couple of current bloggers contributed to this page (Brian from PATP and Jim from GCRL).

Serial #'s 100-108

I have all the other pages that I completed recently scanned as well, and those images are sitting in the drafts folder just waiting to have words added to them.  I set a goal at the beginning of 2014 to have 1400 of the 1500 cards for the set.  I was getting worried that I wouldn't even come close to that, but the National brought the set up to 1248 cards, just 2 away from the set being 5/6ths complete.  Still 152 cards by year end is going to be tough.

The set also has 3 complete teams (Yankees, Mets and Angels) and 7 other teams that are between 45-49 cards.  The end isn't close by any means, but there is a very faint light at the far end of that tunnel.

Keep those cards coming!!

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I'll have to look again and see what I have to send to you for the SNI.