Saturday, August 2, 2014

How's the Plan going you ask?

Well, after getting my ass out of bed just before 9AM on Friday, I wound up arriving in Cleveland at about 1115, and got inside at 1130.   I kind of felt like I was late arriving for a final exam, but in this case I can still achieve a passing grade, because I'm grading on the curve and I'm the only one in the class!!

As far as the five step plan went, he's a quick summary...

1.  1964 Topps

The only Roberto Clemente card I spotted today was graded EX-MT 8, and priced at $135.  Pass on that one.
I'm beginning to think that the Phil Niekro RC really doesn't exist.  I'm going to have to start asking around when I'm on the floor on Saturday.
0 cards purchased, but it's on the radar...

2.  2014 Series 2

The plan was to pick up a series 2 box on the cheap to finish the set off.  Every table that had Series 2 had them priced at $65.

I have just two words to describe this part of the plan.....F%$^ that

3.   SNI

"I am just 1 card away from finishing off two more teams (Angels, Mets).  I'd also like to try and find a few Rockies and Orioles cards for this set as well.  I'm 42 cards away from 1200 for the set; that would be a nice number to hit, but it's not a necessity."

68(!) cards picked up today was way better than I thought I would do.  Not only did I finish off the Angels and Mets, there are 2 other teams now at 49 (Jays and A's), the Rangers are at 48, and the Rays and Nationals are at 47.

I guess you could sum up how I felt about the rush of serial numbered cards by this Tim Wakefield 2010 National Chicle card I bought today.

4.  Other people's want lists

I did manage to hit a couple of people's lists today, but I also picked up a few cards for some other people at ridiculously low prices.   I'll be sending a few cards around to a few of you in the next week or so...

5.  Vintage

I did fine with this portion of the plan.  I found a 12/$5 table of '60s vintage, so I scooped up $20 worth to start.  The plan is to pick up more of that tomorrow. 

Off to bed now...7AM comes early....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I have to get to the National next year or the year after. I just have to save up for it. That's all there is to it.

  2. I will have to get there one of these days