Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A great card state

Wednesday.  My 3rd favorite work day of the week.  It's even better when I come home and see what's in the mail.  When it's only 3 pieces, two of them being PWE's from the great state of Michigan, the day gets even better.

Yes, today Michigan is a great card state for me.   The baseball half of the PWE's comes from Pat at the Hot Corner Cards blog (my biggest PWE contributor).   It didn't take too long to get the 2 cards I needed to pass the 1250 mark for the SNI set, as Pat sent 3 cards my way today.

I see the Micah Owings card on the left, and think to myself "Micah is a pretty unique name, I wonder if I have anyone else with that name in the set".  Turns out this Owings card is the 4th featuring him in the set.   Wow.

Micah's card is serial numbered 1416, and gives the Reds 44 cards out of the 50 they need.

Seeing the Wainwright all star card made me wonder how many of those I have in the set.  I haven't broken down the numbers to be that specific, but I did find out that with these 3 cards, there are now 36 2010 Topps Update cards in the SNI set.   That leaves only 663264 cards for the rest of you (if my math is correct).  Hopefully you don't judge me too greedy....

Wainwright's card is serial numbered 763, and gives the Cardinals 46 cards out of 50 that they need.

My mind plays tricks on me every time I see the last name Cormier.  I immediately think back to Rheal Cormier, a New Brunswick born pitcher that lasted 16 seasons in MLB between 1991 and 2007.   Lance didn't have the lengthy career that his namesake did, lasting only 8 seasons with 4 different clubs.

The Cormier card is serial numbered 1151, and gives the Rays 48 cards.

Only 249 serial numbers to go....

Looking for the other PWE from Michigan??   Go here...

thanks for reading, Robert

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