Monday, March 3, 2014

Two months here, 3 months there

After spending a good portion of my "blog time" yesterday on the piles of Blue Jay cards that line my desk, I decided to treat myself and pick up a few cards for the hockey sets I'm building.

Before I get into that, I actually noticed that there was a dozen hockey cards inside the envelope that Kenny from Cervin' Up Cards sent my way. 

First up a couple of pairs of Maple Leaf cards from different sets.

I'm still hunting for the final 6 cards from my 99-00 MVP silver signature set; these cards happen to be from a few years later, namely the 08-09 Upper Deck MVP set.

How about a couple of cards from a competitor?

I was happy that Ben Scrivens received a 2 year extension from the Oilers today, he's played quite well since getting out of the Blue and White spotlight.

I was also disappointed to hear that the NHL went the way of MLB and granted an exclusive license to Upper Deck.  I thought Panini was doing a pretty good job with their sets; they had quite a few good products that had a good following.   Losing their license sadly is going to reduce Panini's share in the marketplace, especially in this household.

Finally, 8 cards from this year's O-Pee-Chee release came this way.

Still a long way to go for this set, these 8 cards leave me with a little over 200 cards to pick up for the 600 card behemoth. 

One sad thing that I noticed when removing these from the want list is that the last time I had updated the hockey want list was in November.  Yep, well over 3 months ago.   Then I looked at the baseball want list.  That hadn't been updated since early January.  Almost 2 months for that one.

It's no wonder I really haven't felt like writing about anything.  Nothing is coming in.   At least on the want list front.  Unless it's a Blue Jay.  People have been trying to work on that that it's up!!

Another reason the lists aren't being updated/attacked is I haven't been to a card show in a couple of months.   Thankfully, that will change this weekend.   Plus with my Sportlots purchase last night, the want lists will finally receive a little trimming.

Months later....

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I'm glad to see that those cards have found a home :).