Monday, March 24, 2014

The deliberate attempt to single handedly destroy a want list

This is not a lie.  I considered myself caught up this weekend.   The Blue Jays want list has been updated right through the '14 Heritage set.   All the Blue Jays cards were off of my desk and cataloged.  The total amount of Blue Jays stood (notice past tense use...) at 4142 cards. 

I was beaming with pride!!  I stopped short of yelling a phrase that would have been along the lines of "F--- yeah I'm done!"  I prepared myself for a post that would have extolled the virtues of being done a week early. 




Then something happened.  Fellow Blue Jays blogger Richard decided that he had to rain on my parade.

Here's picture #1:

If only the words "small packet" were true

Damn.  OK maybe there's a big piece of cardboard or bubble wrap in there that makes the box only half full.

Here's picture #2:

I wish that the stacks of pancakes at my local eatery were that thick...

OK, I get it.  It's a blogger conspiracy.  Everyone lies in wait for Robert to get all giddy about finishing off his crazy pile of Blue Jays on his desk.   Everyone waits for Robert to have his massive want list all put together and for his declaration of such.

Then when he's relaxed and declared victory.....BAM!!!!!

The box of doom......

I am such a ham.  I warned Richard ahead of time via email that I was going to have a little fun about this box. 

It's blogger generosity such as this that had me behind in the first place.  A lot of bloggers out there have been very good to me.  I honestly wonder if people have purposely hoarded their Jays cards just waiting for me to come along.

Even better than all this?  There were 2 more envelopes in the mail today.  Two more stacks of Jays to go through.

It just doesn't get any better than this.

Richard, thank you very, very much for this large box of Jays goodness!!  It really is appreciated, even if it puts me behind again (lol).

thanks for reading, ......  (sound of needle scratching on a record...if you don't know what a record is, ask your parents)

Wait, there's more.

I mentioned early this month that I was going to hit 1000 posts this month.  I haven't hit it yet, but it will happen soon.  This week as a matter of fact.

So I've decided to celebrate and have a little contest.  What am I going to give away you ask?

Well, since I'm lousy at getting envelopes together for people, I'm going the lazy way.   I will give away a gift certificate to Dave & Adam's Card World.  Now you want to know how much.   I knew you were going to ask me that.

Well that depends on the blogosphere.   And, to be honest, I'm going to be selfish here.  If you didn't read last week, I've started a hockey card blog.   This is something I've wanted to do for quite a while.  I've only got one follower so far (thank you Al!).  So the size of the gift certificate is going to be equal to the number of followers I have on the new blog on April 1st at midnight.   If I have 25 followers, it'll be $25.  If I get 50 followers, $50, and so on.  See, selfish!!

How do you gain entries you ask?  Simple.

Congratulate me on my 1000th post.  

It has to be the actual 1000th post, not just any random post that you decide to comment on.   Yes, now you have to do the math, and figure out how many posts I've written, and then start counting posts when I do write this week.  

I didn't say it was going to be easy, did I?  

The first person who congratulates me on my 1000th post will receive an extra 2 entries.  If you follow me on both blogs, you will gain an extra entry.  

Get it, got it?   Good.

It's about time I gave back a little something to the blogosphere.

Tell your friends.  The more the merrier.

 Now I can say this...

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Second blogs are all the rage, I hear.

  2. im not a blogger, but always happy to help a fellow collector out with their pursuits.. as i've mentioned before, i have more Jays for you once I am settled and able to get through the new stuff ive picked up(new to me, not new in terms of years)..

  3. It's a matter of etiquette, sir. I'm new to blogging, but not to collecting. If you're so organized that you don't have stacks of cards on your desk, you make the rest of us look bad ;)

    Seriously though, glad the 'box of doom' arrived safe and sound.