Monday, March 31, 2014

Time to get a grip

For me, it is time to get a grip.   This weekend was the second time in recent memory that someone has sent me a card for the SNI set, and as I began to put the card away, it turned out that I already had one in that spot.


I've tried hard to keep this set up to date and the want lists correct.  It drives me nuts when I duplicate cards, I guess it's the OCD in me. 

Still, there were some great cards in the envelope that Nick from Dime Boxes sent my way this past week.

Maybe if I had this Bowman Chrome card of R.A. Dickey sooner, I could have used it as a device to remember to get a grip on what I'm doing...

I love how this card catches R.A.'s knuckle ball grip.   I've tried throwing it when I was younger.  It isn't easy, that's for sure. 

Next up is Shawn Green showing today's baseball players that it's OK to sign for the fans.

The now "unofficial" count for the serial numbered insanity set sits at 1100, with these next two cards bringing the set to that magic number.

Serial Number 414

I will always love the purple refractors from Topps Chrome.  Yes, I know it's a sickness, but there's something about them that appeals to me.  The Hill is the 46th Blue Jay out of 50 towards the SNI set.

Serial Number 1169

I didn't know much about Archer until I read up a bit on him.   He finished 3rd in the AL ROY race last year, behind teammate Wil Myers and Jose Iglesias.  Guess I better start following the AL a little bit more closely this year.  Archer is the 42nd Tampa Bay Rays card out of the 50 needed. 

Nick, thank you for the envelope, the cards are appreciated!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. You are very welcome, Robert! Glad you enjoyed everything.

    I probably tried to throw a few hundred knuckleballs when I was a kid. I think only about two or three actually knuckled.