Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sakic Sunday: I didn't have any Pro Set?

The early 90's for hockey collectors was an exciting time.  The market had exploded from the dominance of Topps/OPC, and new sets were coming out.   One of those new sets was Pro Set.  Man, did I buy a lot of that stuff back then.  

I found it hard to believe that for my Joe Sakic PC that I didn't have one Pro Set card.   I changed that this week with my Sportlots purchases.

The 90-91 set (the first two cards on the left) may have been riddled with errors, but it was fun, it was colorful, and it was cheap.  If I remember correctly, 99 cents a pack for 15 cards was the going rate.  Pro Set tried hard to keep up with the technological and set design advances of Upper Deck, Score and Parkhurst, but in the end only lasted 3 seasons. 

3 more older cards that feature Sakic in his Nordiques uniform, and again 3 more cards that I was surprised I didn't have.  I bought quite a lot of these 3 products as well, especially the OPC Premier on the right.  I had to check, but I only had the Topps Premier version of the 93-94 card. 

Finally, 3 cards featuring him in an Avalanche uniform.  The card on the right is the base card from the Playoff One on One challenge game.   I never did learn how to play the game, but did buy a few packs back in the day. 

Still a ways to go to hit the 425 card goal for Sakic; these 9 bring the current total to 320.  There's still so many base cards and parallels that I need, that piling on to Sportlots purchases like I did last weekend should help to put a dent into that total quickly. 

Honestly, it was just nice to be able to update the "have" list for this PC, I hadn't done that in over 4 months.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I'll have to go through my sakics, since I used to collect the Avs.

  2. I absolutely love the 90/91 Pro Set hockey card design. Wish they hung around a little bit longer.