Thursday, July 11, 2013

I took a chance

There's probably a lot of people that don't give a flying fig about my serial insanity project, but I've actually been buoyed a bit lately by the cards that I've received from other bloggers in trades.

With the project quickly approaching the 900 card mark, I decided to do a little ebay hunting last weekend for some serial numbered cards on the cheap. 

What always troubles me about trying to find lots of serial numbered cards on the bay, especially larger card lots, is that the serial numbers of the cards aren't listed.  For me, that sucks.  For the seller, I can completely understand, because when you're getting into 20+ cards on a gold parallel lot, you sure as hell don't feel like typing out all those serial numbers.

I actually found one auction for 24 '13 Topps gold parallel cards on Saturday that was ending within an hour.  The current bid?  $2.99.


I put in a max bid of $5, hoping to get the lot on the cheap.  I hit the bid button, and I wound up with the high bid, $3.24 with about 58 minutes to go.  My luck with bidding lately hasn't been too good, and I expected to be outbid with a handful of seconds to go, as per usual.

Amazingly, the notice came over my smart phone an hour later.  Ebay item won!!  Nobody else bid. 

So for $5.50 shipped, I received my 24 gold cards yesterday.  Without having any idea if any of the serial numbers would fit. 

The magic number out of the 24 that I needed? 

Eight.  A little disappointing, but at this point in the game with almost 900 cards gone, 1 out of 3 cards in the lot is actually not too shabby.  Even better is that some of the cards hit teams that I'm desperate to get more cards for, such as Houston and Minnesota. 

One of the remaining 16 actually works good for me, as it will fit into the Jays collection:

My first Jays gold card from Series 2.  Another great season from Casey so far this year, I can't see the Jays passing on his $4 million option for 2014.

The other 15 gold cards?  Well of course they're up for trade. 

Let's start with a pic of the cards from the junior circuit....

The V-Mart is the only one that is spoken for, I do owe Pat from the Hot Corner a few cards....need any of the other 6?  Comment away...

Not your cup of tea?  How about some NL players....


Again, comments are welcome.  This could be a PWE weekend for me if I get enough requests....

I took a chance with this lot, but at that cheap of a price, how could I not?  Not only is it going to help me, but I'm sure that there are others out there that may also benefit from this cheapo purchase.

In that end, isn't that what we all want?

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Nice haul. Not often that you can hang on with a low bid like that. I'd certainly call it a victory.

  2. copying serial insanity want list to check all my #/d compare to those golds up there, might need a few...we'll see what we find...

  3. so if I have your project sorted out correctly (ha), you need a card with a serial # from the want list. so my '13 Series Two John Buck card, card #476 in the set, but a gold parallel # 1382/2013 would fill one of the holes in your set?

    or is there something else to match? just curious, why stop at 1500?

    anyhow, I could use the Goldschmidt card. I'll check all my other '11, '12, & '13 gold cards if I have the conditions correct.

  4. Goldie Ellis please, says the man still trying to get some cards to you from the last envelope you sent.

  5. I could use the Ogando. I give a flying fig about this project. It's one of the most ambitious, fun projects around.

  6. I'd like the Pomeranz, and if the trade doesn't work for the Goldschmidt, I'd like it as well. I'd actually pulled a few insanity cards for you.