Monday, May 6, 2013

Serial insanity set cards 821 through 823

Going to change things up and start posting cards for the insanity set on the main blog.  I will probably retire the other blog before too long, I'm actually not sure why I haven't done it as of yet.

These three cards on this post are courtesy of Jeff over at 2x3 heroes as part of a group of 9 serial numbers for the set. 

Get ready for cards 821-823 out of 1500.

Card 821:  Kurt Suzuki

Serial Number:  299
Team:   Oakland A's, 38th card out of 50

The total number of 2012 Topps cards towards the insanity set is 51.  Suzuki's current caught stealing percentage is 15%, his lowest since his rookie season.  I'm sure that will change..

Card 822:  Adam Wainwright

Serial Number:  1262
Team:  St. Louis Cardinals, 35th card out of 50

I'm kind of surprised that I didn't see more numbered cards out there from the Opening Day set.  So far, I only have 4 cards from the 2012 Opening Day set towards the 1500.  Adam currently leads the NL in SO/BB ratio with an incredible 16.00.

Card 823:  Edinson Volquez

Serial Number:  1481
Team:  San Diego Padres, 29th card out of 50.

When Edinson has been healthy, control has been his Achilles heel.  Last year was no exception, as he led the NL in walks with 106. 

The format for the posts will be somewhat similar to the SNI blog, but should come more often now that I've switched them to this blog.

Thank you for the cards Jeff, much appreciated!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Say it ain't so Robert!! Oh well, I love the project no matter which blog the cards appear on. I've been a basket case lately, but I'll try to comment more often!!

  2. That gold bordered Suzuki is flippin' sweeeeeeeeet!