Sunday, May 26, 2013

Serial Insanity cards 833-836

Gonna start to expand the posts for the serial insanity cards for the next little while.  Have about 40 cards that I have to post, so I'll step up the number of cards in order to accommodate them all.

Here we go then, 4 cards for you today, #'s 833-836, courtesy of Cory at the Rectangle Men blog.

Card 833:  Juan Perez

Serial Number:  1415
Team:  Pittsburgh Pirates, #29 out of 50

A September call up in 2006 scored Juan Perez an appearance on a Series 2 card in 2007.  Last pitched in 2012 for the Brewers, but a WHIP of 2.000 isn't going to earn you many opportunities the following season.

Card 834:  John Lannan

Serial Number:  1001
Team:  Washington Nationals, #39 out of 50

Lannan in 2007 had the distinction of being the first major leaguer in over a decade to be thrown out of his first major league game.  Hitting Chase Utley (broken hand) and Ryan Howard will do that for you.   I guess the Phillies forgave him, as he's a member of their staff now (on the 15 day DL)

Card 835:  Ty Wigginton

Serial Number:  1313
Team:  Philadelphia Phillies, card #24 out of 50

Well traveled would be an appropriate description for Wigginton, as he's now on his 8th big league roster in 12 seasons.  Wasn't he supposed to be the next big thing at 3rd base a few years back, or am I remembering wrong?

Card 836:  Rafael Soriano

Serial Number:  418
Team:  Tampa Bay Rays, card # 30 out of 50

Wow, was the 2010 season an amazing one for Rafael!  45 saves, 0.802 WHIP and a 1.73 ERA.  Those stats didn't even get him the most Cy Young votes on his own team, as David Price had a great season (19-6).  Rebounded from an off year in 2011 to post 42 move saves as a replacement for Mariano Rivera in NY. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Wigginton came up with the Mets, but was never really a top prospect. He had a good rookie year in limited action in 2002, struggled somewhat in 2003 for a bad team, and right after the All-Star break in 2004, the Mets called up David Wright, so that was it for him in NY. But he was one of those hard-nosed role players that fans liked and he never shied away from collisions at home plate.